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Senior 3D Modeler

We are looking for digital artists with experience in highly complex 3D modelling, preferably in 3ds Max to join our team in creating high quality illustrations. If you think you might be a good fit, please attach your CV with a brief portfolio of your notable work after applying.

Senior 3d artist

Here’s your chance! We are looking for an architect or designer with a passion for Architecture visualization, someone who has the ability to work independently creating high quality exterior images. We would love to know what you do so please fill out the following form and send us your best images.

Digital Artist - Postproduction

If you are passionate about Architecture, photography and work in post-production, we are looking for someone with the skills to work individually or as part of a team in our Barcelona offices. Must have experience and good knowledge about this line of work. If you think you might make a good addition to Marph, send us your portfolio with your best images.

Senior Animator

If you have technical and artistic skills and are passionate about animation, we would like for you to join our production team. Applicants must have experience producing architectural animation with Unreal Engine and work with camera animation, sequence rendering, and composition. Editing and post-production skills will be valued. Share a link with your best videos!