To put together a preliminary quote, Marph needs a draft of the project’s 3D model, with the selection of the viewpoints to be shown. If you do not yet have a model, we would be happy to model it ourselves. For this, please send all the technical documentation needed (plans, elevations, sections, facades, etc). If possible, please send us a short rendering guide with the project google maps location, references of the type of image you want and a short description of the objectives for each of the views.

Yep. Keep in mind that providing a 3D model can reduce production time and budget, but for that it must comply with our quality standards. Many times the models sent by our clients are more about project exploration and are not defined enough to be used directly. If you have your own 3D model, send it our way so we can check it. If it meets our parameters, we will gladly use it and deduct it from your budget.

Marph has a basic price list according to the type of images and size of each project. Once we receive your first sketches, we will put together a table with a price list suited to you where you will find prices per item and different types of views: aerial, pedestrian and interior. Please note that 3d models are always priced independently.

Yeah. We are all looking for good deals. At Marph we offer different types of discounts. One of them is for bulk work, where we discount according to the amount of images hired. We also apply discounts for combining our services, for example, Interior Renderings with Virtual Tours or Animations. Finally, and cumulative to the latter, we also offer discounts for reservations of one month or more in advance. For more information, please visit the Pricing Page or Contact us for a project estimate.

Generally, our artists finish an image every five days. Within this period, we will send previews for your revision and the deadline of our work will depend on your timely feedback. According to our experience, production time is more related to the definition that the project has when we get started than our team’s production times. Once all the information is received, we will send you a work schedule according to your needs.

Yes. Our process accounts for 3 revisions before delivering the final images. The first preview is so you can validate the 3D model and points of view, the second, covers lighting and materials and the third, is all about post-production and general settings. Marph guarantees that if your project is well defined and the information submitted is clear, the proposed revisions will be enough to ensure the quality of our work. However, more preview instances may be needed, which will be quoted independently, if your info is not clearly defined. If you think that you might need extra revision instances, we suggest that you let us know before we get to work since the price for additional previews is cheaper than the extra costs due to changes during the production stage.

Yes. Although it is ideal that we make interior renders based on an interior design project, we can do them based on your photographic references and/or propose it ourselves according to our pre-established sets. Keep in mind that the proposal made by Marph is not an interior design project and will be carried out free of charge. Therefore, any modification in this aspect that falls outside of the 3 work stage revisions, will be quoted separately.

We are always open to and encourage long-term partnership opportunities. To do so, please contact us so we can talk about working on a quid-pro-quo basis or if you would like to work with us as one of our production affiliates.

Marph guarantees that any information about your company or projects will be treated confidentially and will be protected by our company. All project publications will only be made after client approval to do so. We have worked and continue to work with large firms in international competitions and we understand the importance of trust between all collaborators. Regarding payments, our company only accepts payments through secure international networks, so you can be sure that all steps of our interaction will be protected.

We accept bank transfers via Swift or we can send you a payment request through our online payment platform.