Aqua Terra


Aqua Terra




Teca Estudio




Asunción, Paraguay

About the project

In a private residential project of almost 300 lots, all kinds of services make the complex a real estate development of an urban nature. In the midst of a green and natural environment, a neighborhood is inserted that harmonizes with its surroundings and incorporates many of the aspects that make the place unique. The design of winding internal streets is generated from a central artificial lake that gives life to scattered lagoons that are connected through streams and tree corridors. Rendering at this kind of scale takes on the challenge of conveying a sense of intimacy for such a big project. It was necessary to focus on the project’s ability to show the relationship between what can be built and what exists, between what is natural and what is artificial. Communicating a diurnal, illuminated environment, with clear skies and short shadows, heralds the future of a unique place where houses, buildings, lakes, trees and sports venues coexist symbiotically. A central lake and large five-level buildings are developed that are visible from any angle and are the main starting point of the project.