Mixed Uses


Dark Arkitekter


Oslo, Norway

About the project

In development since 2019, the multi-function project for the Gunerius neighborhood was conceived as a meeting place in the city of Oslo. This neighborhood is located in the heart of the city center. From the start, the design strategy was based on the transformation of the area as a natural center in the city: a new plaza is established. The ambition of the project, and, therefore, one of our goals in generating attractive illustrations, was that the square be seen as a gravitational point and meeting place for all. The images were worked with different approaches, mainly taking into account the setting and lighting at different times of the day, ensuring what was most sought to be transmitted in each one. In the afternoon, dusk and midday, the challenge focused on combining the hustle, bustle and activities outside, in the square and in the interstitial spaces of the project. The interior life escapes in a clear but subtle way through windows and openings. In turn, participating with the neighborhood’s historical character implied taking a unique position to produce integral images following a very specific form and character. The result of this are illustrations with juxtapositions of modern and historical materials, as well as variations of newer and older urban spaces.