Home Palace


Home Palace




Andrés Lauw


P&U Urban Development


Asunción, Paraguay

About the project

For this 30-story building, we concentrated on producing images that would demonstrate a harmonious urban insertion of a tower that would otherwise be out of tune with its immediate surroundings. Other buildings coexist in height while a lower urban layout surrounds them and, once built, Home Palace would be no exception. We strategically positioned the cameras for all renders while the photographer took extra care so that the general and specific lighting for each render matched the vision of the production team. It should be noted that the cover image of this series shows the finished and equipped tower that communicates itself as a beacon that stands out against the existing constructions. The material work and, especially, the interior lighting of the apartments and the commercial basement, is crowned by subtle colored lights on the rooftop, which is conceived as the meeting and recreation point for the dwellers of the palace.