Spinn Arkitekter


Oslo, Norway

About the project

The school is in a fantastic location with beautiful outdoor areas for play and activity. There is an immediate proximity to nature and exceptional hiking areas, which are used by the school. Beyond its constructive properties we want to highlight the approaches of the school: deep learning and competence in life skills, the pedagogical use of ICT and training in social skills (smart education). The visual production process by our team focused on communicating aspects related to a natural and comprehensive education that would constitute a learning community that would stimulate a permanent active energy among the members of the school. The incorporation of plant species and trees with edible fruits are adapted to this global learning situation as the project takes into account the possibility that students can collect and eat different fruits season after season. Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and apple trees achieve this. We have worked on few projects in which the clients ask us to work with very specific plant species and this case involved special attention to the placement of specimens of Ribus rubrum, Ribes nigrum, Ribes josta, Amelanchier alnifolia, Aronia melanocarpa, Fragaria vesca, Luzula sylvatica, and Carex morrowii. This also involved modeling an immediate landscape of undulating planes with ramps and pavements of different types and materials. Another challenge was adding to the program with an intelligent use of colors and patterns that would highlight the materials and forms of the building.