La Serena


La Serena




Pro Arquitectos


Asunción, Paraguay

About the project

In this case, we produced 9 illustrations, 7 interiors and 2 exteriors that showed the building complex of the project and how it was linked to the original lake. It was a residential enterprise that aimed at a select public. In a series of houses arranged on three floors, the link with the natural environment was important to the client and, therefore, our work focused on communicating it. In addition, the modeling, materials, furniture, and equipment complement this search for integration with the landscape. All the gardens and accesses finish off the large scale imposed by the water plane while the terraced layout has a series of gradual approaches at different heights that were  illustrated in one of the exterior renders. Inside, the link with the landscape is never left aside and it is through the large windows that the outside sneaks in, generating lights and shadows that highlight and give life to the materials and furniture that make up the rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, halls, kitchens and bathrooms.