Mad Arkitekter


Oslo, Norway

About the project

As in several of our cooperation work in Norway, our clients have an immense respect for nature, existing elements, historical places and public spaces. For the street level image, we focused on an integral work of the space made up of houses and buildings and a careful design of the road, sidewalks and urban elements. From our angle, we tried to follow the guidelines of the designers and worked with the street as an exclusive urban space for low-speed and low-impact buses, promoting the use of bicycles as the main mode of transport. This was also combined with the desire to achieve a photograph of a typical daily life, applying lights and settings that would communicate an afternoon after a rainy day. The project retracts the front buildings to preserve the patrimonial essence of the public roads and sidewalks and the choice of materials gives the illustration a historical look. A careful use of trees, vegetation and people tie everything up to communicate an intelligent snapshot. Internal activities in the garden of the complex, luminous environments of clear skies and people enjoying the natural areas around water features and wide grassy plains, add the finishing touch to an original design.