Madero Boulevard


Madero Boulevard




Brukman & Mansilla


Buenos Aires, Argentina

About the project

In the heart of Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires, Madero Boulevard is born. The project highlights the neighbourhood’s movement, tranquility and beauty that coexist peacefully in this highly coveted area. The work of our team produced illustrations that show the many modern parks, bridges and canals as if they had been a part of this new residential complex. In addition, the renders communicate the immensity of the city as a condensation of spectacular views of Buenos Aires.Terraces, gardens, amenities of all kinds, and unique apartment spaces, were rendered with all the sales, advertising, and promotional objectives that the developers were after. On this occasion, not only static images were produced, but also animations and videos complemented the marketing of a project of such magnitude. Marph and the client worked hard to build a complete product that includes illustrations, photographs, animations, videos and promotional brochures that make this a full branding project.