Usus Mixtos


Dark Arkitekter


Oslo, Norway

About the project

The main idea of this project was to ​​provide an urban context that promotes unity and quality of life. The spacious courtyard is open to all. This is a place where homes, shops and restaurants create a good atmosphere and make Lillestrøm a better place to live. High-rise buildings offer plenty of space on the ground floor. This means that, for the illustrations, we had to carefully work on the spaces for squares, winter gardens, cafes and restaurants so that they were properly integrated into the buildings. The path that crosses the neighborhood is a shortcut that turns it into a natural traffic artery and that is how we tried to represent it, giving it a vibrant, lively feeling. Added to this, the strategic use of materials, the study of light and shadow, and the application of general and specific settings highlight every detail of the project and the place. The addition of people in many activities, green hedges on the roofs, and trees on the sidewalks along with indoor plants, provide a vital backdrop to each image.