Our images take part of this incredibly ambitious project by illustrating its integration in a highly developing urban city area and transmitting the complex’s unique design, incomparable location and comfort. It is, afterall, Uruguay’s biggest and most important Real Estate project to date.


Mixed Use


Kimelman Moraes


Montevideo, Uruguay

About the project

Cosmos is the center of the World Trade Center complex and will consolidate an area that has been developing since the 1980s as a unique area of ​​the Montevideo coast. Through our work, we seeked to produce images that, effectively, demonstrated a true integration of this new project in an area of ​​the city booming in urban development. The three buildings that make up the complex were rendered taking into account the environment that surrounds them. All our illustrations make Cosmos transmit its originality and unique material imprint, communicating its incomparable location and comfort. Interior and exterior renderings coexist in order to communicate spacious and luminous offices, homes, amenities, common spaces and public squares where everything can be enjoyed in one place. Our work with the materials, lighting, reflections and refractions seem to incorporate the privileged environment of the Buceo yacht port in the different illustrations. Ambiance and mood treatments at different times of the year and at various hours of the day, shows a unique ability to achieve an interpretive visual package that serves as an indisputable tool for the promotion of such an ambitious real estate undertaking.