Plaza Pacheco


Plaza Pacheco




Teca Arquitectos


Urban Domus


Asunción, Paraguay

About the project

In the heart of Asunción, a 12-story building is projected at the intersection of two streets in a residential neighborhood. Two main facades open on each side of the corner with a series of windows and semi-transparent enclosures that connect with the urban environment through large balconies. Rooftops with multiple uses for its tenants crown the construction with barbecue areas, swimming pool and decks while the reception invites its visitors through a large hall space where an entrance table and a seating area serve as a prelude to the elevators. The project meant for us an opportunity to combine different materials and finishes, as well as show the different areas of the complex. From its exterior images to its interior spaces, the illustrations produced for Plaza Pacheco present a careful use of lighting, its reflections, refractions and shadows, highlighting each point of view as a single piece that, added to the others, confers unity to the entire project.