The Therme Santa Teresita


The Therme Santa Teresita


Thermal Complex


Cohe Arquitectos


La Rioja, Argentina

About the project

The presentation of a strategic urbanization Master Plan for the town of Santa Teresita, in the province of La Rioja, in Argentina seeks to provide the area and region of the Department of Arauco with a new Tourism and Development Pole for the entire Province, based on the exploitation of a valuable natural resource of hot springs. The focus of the project is based on the creation and development of a Thermal Tourist Complex, with a direct link with the nature of the place and supplementing it with a consistent and sustainable landscape development. The work of our team was rooted in this aspect: to integrate the new project, the advent of development and a water park program, trying to achieve a passive appropriation of the landscape characteristics. In addition, there was a special concentration on the use and application of furniture and equipment that reflected the reality of the project’s scale while trying to maintain an anthropic context of a development designed for purely human leisure and recreation activities. The visual communication of the Master Plan was a challenge to our imagination and experience, incorporating illustrated stages between the different activity programs and putting its different point of views in order.