Spinn Arkitekter


Oslo, Noruega

About the project

Cobbled roads, idyllic archipelagos, history and unique heritage characterize, among other things, this small town on the Skagerrak Strait. At the front line, the city grows from the lake and, as an imposing backdrop, a dense coniferous forest grows. Narrow stone streets that, sinuously, connect houses, squares and buildings of yesteryear seem like scenery in a play. In this setting, three connected buildings are projected and it was our job to give them integration and coherence with the rest of the environment. Its implementation is based on a simple work of materials, contrasts, and modeled panels covered in wood that are interrupted by large vertical windows. The exterior cladding completely surrounds the complex while its openings interact with nature, on one hand, and with the city, on the other. In this way, reflections, lights and shadows complement a sunny summer atmosphere. The careful regulation of levels and parameters of the images, managed to mix up the new buildings with the existing ones.