WTC FZ Punta del Este


WTC FZ Punta del Este




Kimelman Moraes


Punta del Este, Uruguay

About the project

Punta del Este is internationally recognized as one of the main resorts in the world and one of the most exclusive in the region. Luxurious vacation homes, high-rise waterfront apartment buildings, huge yachts in the harbor, luxury hotels and restaurants make it the most glamorous seaside resort in America. Touring the city, the visitor finds a wide recreational offer, while the city is also a unique natural destination. With more than 20 kilometers of coastline and high mountains overlooking the sea, the city also offers charming corners and landscapes for those who come in search of absolute tranquility. In this context, WTC FZ is strategically located to provide a new offering of offices and state-of-the-art amenities. Our decision was to communicate an architecture that fully interacted with the environment, illustrating all the images with points of views that directed towards the sea, towards the port, towards the coast and towards the blazing horizon. In the case of the aerial rendering, the peninsula is the protagonist, showing its relationship with the new building. The use of warm tones, direct and indirect lighting, clear skies and clean sunsets visually appeal to a product of great quality and sober materials.